Dimensionality, the spatial property of having dimensions, takes into account more than just weight, height, length or even depth. Additionally, it considers the concept of time. The properties of time have the duality of infinite and finite. This aspect of dimensionality is what piques my interests and informs my work. To capture the beauty, the glory, the atrocity of one moment in time from the perspective of one perceived dimension and then stretching the mind and imagination to investigate other dimensional possibilities is fascinating. What one can see is never finite. Acquiring the eyes to “see” is the creative challenge. My genre, Magical Realism, encompasses the seen and unseen, the known and the unknown and all of the variances of layers within the purview of dimensionality.


As an archetype, dimensionality has the classic energy of a trickster and the elusiveness of a shape shifter - always desiring the consistency of change. Photography appropriates one moment in time. Although the process of imaging may cull down to a two-dimensional surface, depth is exposed as time transpires. The trickster's energies may coerce the observers into believing they know what the photograph is all about, but they have not been privy to the ensuing narrative that led to that singular moment in time. They know not of its reality. As eyes begin to learn how to “see” they move beyond the quotidian view to capture the depths of the shape shifter as she unmasks more than the eyes could discern. The eyes, if given time, in combination with knowledge, can begin to envision other connective tissues that the shape shifter will reveal, although they have always been present within the photograph. My art in photography is to present the trickster and shape shifter in ways that they may inform and most of all creatively inspire one to “see” the real magic that abounds, disclosing a portal into Magical Realism.